Tensile problem in Garments Washing

Tensile problem in Garments Washing

Changes of Tensile strength along with all washing and  influences adversely of garments strength. Tensile strength falls after washing in both warp and weft wise direction. Enzyme wash sample shows the lowest result.  PP washed sample is much better than others washed.


The way of techniques are used to reduce of Tensile problem :

The significant important things are Gas conentration, speed and time are the main potential parameters of washing that influences mainly on the tensile strength  of the garment. Speed and time should be maintained at 15 rpm for 10 min, if high tensile strength of garments  is required. The remaining mechanical.  Polyethylene and polyurethane softener for reducing tensile problem in washing.

tensile problem in garments washing

Test Method of Tensile of Garments

Tensile strength of the samples evaluated by tensile testing machine according to ISO 13937-2 standard.

The figure show the tensile strength of garments after different wash.

tensile problem in garments washing


The techniques way to avoid tensile problem:


Especial chemical to avoid tensile problem in garments washing in finishing stages. It help to increase the strength of  warp and weft wise direction.

Enzymatic de-sizing agents improve of Tensile problem.

Polyethylene softener maintain tensile of garments.



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