The garments shows  its ability to resist a tearing force . It is an important property for the durability of garments.  It indicates of the strength of the yarn of garments.

The tear strength of garments will decrease after washing, and that loss of durability. The differences between

pre washed, stone washed, bleach washed, PP washed,  and enzyme washed, and the strength

loss was found to be different. but  It was also found that in cases where

softeners were used during laundering, the decrease of tear strength was larger.

Washing on Fabric Strength Calculation

The strength changes of garments after washing. Different washing have been lost how much garments strength

The garments was calculated by using the below equation.

Strength loss (%)=Strength before washing−Strength after washing Strength before washing×100Strength loss (%)=Strength before washing−Strength after washing Strength before washing×100


Tear Strength Method

It was tested with the Elmendorf method, the ISO 13937-1, and Determination of tear force using ballistic pendulum method.  The mean tear force across warp and weft were calculated.


Tearing problem in Garments washing

Garments strength losses affect on Enzyme washed sample both it warp and weft direction it is because enzyme hydrolyzed the cotton.

Garments strength reduce on stone washed, Bleach washed, Heavy Enzyme washed and others washed

The way of technique to reduce tearing problem

Each and every washing should cool processed

Should use polyethylene and polyurethane softener in finishing time that help to increase garments strength and solve the tearing issues.

Should maintain Speed and time  at 15 rpm for 10 min, if requirements of high strength of garments

Tear Strength Problem








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