Sulfur black denim fading problem

Sulfur black denim fading:

Sulfur black denim fading is the art of washing industries. It  is an important how to fade sulfur dyes denim and there are some limitations and techniques the way to reduce fading problem in washing. Unfortunately, sulfur black dyeing of cotton on continuous machines usually results in significant problems that cause customer dissatisfaction.

Denim washing is one of the key areas in getting the faded look.

Sulfurs dyes attached to cotton at a faster rate than water. There are variables such as temperature, ph, ORP, moisture, preparation and even drying that need to be controlled within limits. Sulfur dyes appears simple, but is similar to playing chess in the need to pay attention to all factors involved constantly.

There are some limitation of sulfur black denim fading

Limitation to sulfur black include depth of color, resistance to fading after washing, ageing- resulting in garments strength loss in storage , staining and crocking, especially the effects on upholstery.

In terms of appearance, bright shades of black are preferred to dull blacks, the bright also being more colorfast, having a greenish tone instead of a reddish tone.

There are problems with odors, skin irritation and metal corrosion.

Sulfur Black Denim Fading

The techniques way to reduce the problem of Sulfur Black denim fading:

Enzymatic fading is the way to reduce the limitation. It help to control strength of garments.

The treatment of denim fabrics with cellulase enzymes gave effective results in terms of color fading. The fading effect  the change in color strength while the removal of surface fibers was clear from the loss in weight of the garments.

Acid cellulose works more  due to their stronger action than neutral cellulose but the back staining problem.

However, in sulfur dyed fabric, the back staining signify in case of acid enzyme, because of high color removal and subsequently its redeposition. The application of anti-back staining agent  to be quite useful in this case. Good softness achieved in both the fabric qualities, shown in terms of decrease in bending length.

The best way to fade this garments in Neutral Enzyme .

Test methods

The extent of fading  measure the color strength of the treated samples in Premier Color scan SS 5100A spectrophotometer. The formula measure :

Color strength, K/S =(1−R)2/2RColour strength, K/S =(1−R)2/2R

where R reflectance.

The effect of enzyme on cellulose to find the % age weight loss as per ASTM D 3776.



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