Lycra problem in denim jeans washing

Lycra problem in denim jeans washing

It is a common problem in Jeans washing.

There are many reasons behind this Problem.  But mainly two reasons are the below

  1. Lycra or spandex breaks out in washing : This lycra problem is not primarily detected while washing processing but it is visible extensively just after garments washing. Lycra is break out in excessive temperature either in heated chamber or in steam compartment. It is very sensitive to alkali, chlorine bleach and abrasion as well. Spandex filaments can be missed through the width of fabric. Lycra  can be damaged because of temperature application while washing processing.
  2. Lycra or Spandex breaks out of garments  in Sewing :  Sometimes lycra breakages occurs at the stage of stitching garments. Because of needle size in garments  lycra break and damage. So it can’t be recoverable by washing or dying processing time. In that case to use finer type of needle at the stage of stitching garments. And Use a ball point needle for each machine and machine pressure should be adjusted as per fabric nature. It should be gross breaker needle. Also must have to avoid bartek. Because there is a tension of stitch and during washing it may break the spandex.

The problem of lycra or spandex garments will be reduce the below techniques using in washing processing time

  • The reduce of the amount of lycra or spandex garments use appropriate  liquor ration. “Liquor Ratio 1:10 or 1: 12”
  • The machine RPM help to reduce the lycra or spandex problem in Garments. It also help to reduce tension problem.
  • Following  the hydro-extractor pressure and it should be lower than the regular.
  • In desizing process time to use silicon softener. So it surface becomes sleepery and avoid the collaboration with the others and reduce lycra or spandex breakage.
  • Some special chemical has been used in washing stages to avoid lycra / spandex deformation. That chemical in the dyeing and washing bath to reduce lycra or spandex breakages
  • Each and every process of washing should be cool temperature. It should be less than 60 degree.
  • Avoid Caustic Soda or Soda Ash in desizing process time.
  • Stem dryer should be used in lycra garment during dryer due to temperature is important.
  • The best enzyme should be used in washing time. It help to reduce lycra breakage.

Lycra problem in denim jeans washing


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