Enzymatic fading effect on Garments in Washing

Enzymatic fading effect on Garments in Washing


The laccase help to fade the Jeans without affecting the weft yarns, the resulting finish exhibits unique wash-down of denim. It uses for stretch denim, without affecting its elasticity.

The laccase enzyme used for abrasion enhancement by further brightening up the denim after cellulose treatment.

As environmentally friendly processes consume less energy and raw materials and markedly reduce waste and water consumption. The challenge to biotechnology is to provide tools that will enable to achieve these goals and thus ensure great industrial sustainability.

Limitation of Enzyme washed 

Quality of the abrasion process is difficult to come out as per buyer requirements.

The process is very expensive.
The process may be turn the garment into bluish or greyish  in color and others.

Enzyme washed need more treatment time.

Technician can not achieve desire abrasion.

The way of techniques to reduce the enzymatic washing problem

The best way to chose highly concentrated laccase enzyme.

The parameter of Temperature, Time and RPM are the way to reduce problem of enzymatic.

It help to reduce enzymatic fading effect on Garments in Washing

Enzyme washed is a eco-friendly and sustainable.

It has less complex than others.

Enzymatic Fading Effect on Garments





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