Dimensional stability is the ability to resist shrinkage or stretching of garments . Simply say to measure of garments after washing.

There are mainly three factors that could cause dimensional changes are:

  • Tension
  • Swelling
  • (Felting, wool)

Tension is one important elements to change  the dimensional stability. Tensions generally occur during construction when yarns are held stretched.

The moisture is also affect to change dimension of garments . The degree of dimensional change at relaxation depends on weave type, both in warp, weft and on total shrinkage. Woven fabrics usually have a tolerance of ± 3 %shrinkage.

Swelling will be overcome for  moisture and the fibre expands. Because of hydrophilic properties, fibres like cotton, flax, silk and other kinds of fibers have great abilities to swell.

 Dimensional stability changes after washing

Dimensional stability will be measure the shrinkage % of before and after wash samples and it found that there is a little bit change in dimension and the rate is higher for bleach wash samples than others.

On the other hand shrinkage % is almost same of original or raw denim and PP wash denim. And this is the reason why strength decreases after wash. The enzyme washed fabric shrank in both warp and weft direction and did not pass the quality requirements.

Dimensional Test Method

The dimensional stability was tested according to standards, ISO 3759. Also In the dimension stability test of garments, measurements were taken according to ISO 5077.

The techniques way to reduce the demension stability problem

Finishing process is chosen for minimize dimensional changes

Cotton/elastane blends tended to shrink more and easier than pure cotton denim fabrics.

Another solution could be some kind of relaxing process of fabric after weaving.

The shrinkage in warp direction is more critical due to it do not returns to its original length during use like the weft does.

Dimensional Problem in Washing

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