Color Enhancer in Washing

Color Enhancer in Washing


From light to depth color in washing requires by buyers. Color strength of jeans decreased significantly to bleach wash and PP wash. It also decreased color strength of garments.  A portion of the primary wall of cotton is always in contact with enzyme during washing and hence at the contact point, surface of fibers are decomposed by the aqueous solution of the enzyme. some times color enhancer in washing reduce after garments washing.

Color of garments become dull and fade in enzyme washing. But adverse effect of oxidative agent breaks the conjugated bond of dyes and hence destroy the color making the denim fabric fade and duller.

Color strength was drastically reduced after bleach wash and PP wash.


High Abrasion washing creates light color of garments. This wash reduce color of garments. Low abrasion washing creates less color reducing of garments. so the garments become shade problem.  It looks light color of garments. Technician need from light to depth color of garments.

 The way of techniques to enhance color in Washing

To regain the depth of color of garments to use especial softener which help to reduce this problem. Also especial chemical uses for Color Enhancer in Washing



Color Enhancer in Washing

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