Bleach washing problem

Bleach washing problem

Bleach wash is common washing process. It is a strong oxidative bleaching agent. Simply to say Bleach is a chemical that removes colors from the garments during bleach washing or bleach wash.

By applying bleaching wash special type of fading effect can be produced in the garments. All types of garments can apply bleach wash.. It also help to increase soft of garments,  color fastness and rubbing fastness.

Bleach washed jeans


Bleach washing problem

Bleach washed jeans


Limitations of Bleach washed:

Hypochlorite reduce loses strength over time, especially at higher temperatures. This makes tearing problem of Garments .

The danger of fiber damage with this bleaching agent is much greater .

 The techniques the way to reduce Bleach washed:

The control of the pH value is very important. The strongest bleaching activity is at pH 11.0-12.5 which help to reduce time and losses of strength Garments.

Bleach activator is accelerates destruction of indigo while bleaching with a hypochlorite bleaching agent to  reduced treatment time and Stronger brightening with less chlorine bleach damage. It help to reduce Bleach washing problem.

Technician solve tearing and tensile issue for using bleach activator with bleach. It reduce treatment time and increase garments strength.

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