Bleach Buffer

Bleach Buffer in Denim Washing

Bleach Buffer is a non-ionic scouring agent that is very effective in removing oils, waxes and dirt from all types of garments. It is very effective in producing whiter whites in continuous or batch processes especially on 100% cotton or cotton blends. But can be used on synthetics as an effective scouring agent.

It can be used with hydrogen peroxide to boost white shades or used in hosiery or garments with hypochlorite bleaches. It is also very effective in buffering hypochlorite bleaches to avoid tenderizing cotton or cotton blends in a bleach bath while achieving a whiter shade.

Hypochlorite always damages the garments in the process times.  The buffer help to reduce the garments damage in bleaching times. Bleach works very well in 11.5 pH of water. This buffer help to maintain pH to increase bleach productivity and improve strength of garments.



  • Low Foaming
  • Good Detergency for Scouring
  • Obtains better whites
  • As a hypochlorite scour
  • Economical to Use
  • Concentrated powder

Bleach Buffer

It helps to control pH value during process time. Also need less bleaching time to increase more productivity. The garments’ tearing issues will be solved. Bleach buffer increase strength of garments during bleaching times.




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