Back-Staining problem in jeans washing

Back-Staining problem in jeans washing

Back Staining is a common problem in denim washing sector.  In denim and jeans washing process dyes are removed from garments which stay in the water. This dye can be re-deposited in any undyed area of garments like pocketing fabric which is not accepted by buyer. This problem is known as back staining problem in garment wash.As a result bluish color evenly distributed all over the back side of the denim fabric or white pocket fabric.

Causes of Back Staining 

In garments industry, there are two major reasons for back staining problem. One is for excess softener application on garments and another reason is for low quality dyeing process on garments. Major causes for Back-Staining problem in jeans washing

  1. Used more softener
  2. Low dyeing quality

The way of techniques to reduce Back-Staining problem in jeans washing

Use less softener in the washing process.

Good dyes staff applied on the garments

Control the back staining level during wet processing is  pH level of the bath.  The lowest level back staining is achieved in between the PH level 6.5 to 7.5. The highest level back staining happens when pH level is low (4.5to 5.5).

Temperature level plays important role to control back staining. Lowering the bath temp can help to reduce the re-deposition of discharged indigo.

Higher quantity of the water will give more space for the discharged indigo dye to distribute in water. As a result back staining will be less.

Dispersing agent to reduce this problem. Hard water can increase the back staining.

Additional treatment to remove back staining during de-sizing and enzyme process, quantity of “Anti Back Staining Agent” should be increased.

Back-Staining problem in jeans washing



Back Staining Problem in Garments Washing

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