About Us

Jeansprocess.com is a one of the best & trusted washing technical information website in the world. The target is to help the growing number of washing technician and buyers to all the information they need about the washing industry. We are serving an online knowledge sharing of the latest washing process and product by different useful categories. Important know-how, tips & tricks are also provided through our blog posts and articles.

Jeansprocess.com is the world’s leading technical support to washing sectors. This websites ensure the washing industries leads the way around the world. It also provide complementary and value-adding products information, services and technical solutions to the washing industries.

This websites purpose is ‘Connecting technician and washing process and technology to make more sustainable world’, ensures that we support technical issues of washing industries, look after buyers’ requirements, sharing information of stockholders and the communities in which cooperation each other.

Jeanspross.com help for connecting technician, washing process and technology to make a better and more sustainable world.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading industrial washing company delivering innovation, technical solutions and sustainable value to all stakeholders.